Shutter Design makes a difference

Shutters are fast becoming the number one home improvement and the industry expects to treble its annual sales during 2014, we know ourselves that the enquiries are accelerating at an unforseen rate, our enquires doubled during the last year, as, what was seen as a "big city product" becomes the popular choice for window coverage.

Shapes, Arches and Gothic


Shaped windows are usually a problem for blind companies, the solution was always a compromise and was often not the best look. Now shutters have taken over the shaped window / apature with the superb solution of a finished product, performing a great service and looking fantastic.

Contemporary Solutions



Shutters are quite often designed wrongly, just because a company supplies and fits plantation shutters, it doesnt mean that they design them correctly, we take a long look at the house, the window, the interior, your requirements and form a solution which we believe often beats any competition out right.

Which type, PVCu or Timber?



We supply shutters from 3 different sources. Our S-Craft Shutter is the cream of the crop when it comes to timber or composite finishes, in a range of woodgrain and painted finishes, quite simply, it is the best shutter on the market.

Our PVCu shutter is a great solution for high traffic areas, robust to take the rigors of mis-use by children, this shutter is also excellent for wet-rooms, bathrooms and kitchens and never needs painted, just like a PVCu window.

Our other shutter is an entry level composite shutter, it does have tighter limitations on size and complexity, however it can be manufactured to suit even the smallest of budgets, so we have a solution for every situation.

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