Great design, service and customer care

"We're passionate about the service we provide, we supply superb quality shutters, but we excel at design, with a more contemporary feel, your shutters will look great for a long time, we want clean slender lines with minimum frame intrusion," the right shutter for the right property... "              

Chris & Steven, Directors


Q. How do we know we'll get great service from your company?

We have a great history of installations, our customers speak highly of us and we have the best installation team in the county, if not the north.


Q. Are you competative?

We think that we are the most competative, although there are many "cheaper shutters" on the market, we keep our overheads low, our order book full and our recommendations flowing.


Q. Which company do we us to install our shutters?

We hope by chatting to us, seeing our work, visiting us and developing a trusting relationship, you'll have the confidence to use our small but friendly team to install your new shutters.

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